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January 20, 2021

Sound Moves and its Global agents and offices remain committed to supporting our clients during the current challenging times be they related to Brexit or COVID-19. We have in fact experienced cases where both issues can impact a single movement.

The current situation with regard to the post transition period Brexit landscape remains fluid and ever changing, the below notes and remarks are provided as a guide only, please contact us on a case-by-case basis for a bespoke solution to any issues you have.

Your business and that of your suppliers and buyers within the EU should now be EORI registered. If you and your European partners are not registered you can no longer trade with the EU. If you do not currently have an EORI number, you can apply here via the .GOV website 

Delays remain an issue and tend to ebb and flow based on volumes moving and the day, date and time of movement – plan ahead and build in a time and cost contingency in all your arrangements This is a must for critical movements where you are responsible on a door-to-door basis

It’s not Free Trade the Brexit agreement does not alleviate the need to declare your goods to the authorities at all key border points during movement to or from Europe. A professional forwarder or customs broker will be required to process import and export customs declarations

Origins Matter Goods not manufactured or finished wholly or substantially in the UK will be liable for full duty on arrival into EU – The previous ‘free circulation’ agreement is now fully withdrawn. To understand your responsibilities on Rules of Origin, you can find the latest government guidance here 

The Small Print documents such as invoices, packing lists are now mandatory for movement to and from the former EU. We strongly recommend documents are generated and circulated for approval before any movement commences.

Pick a partner Make sure your forwarding and shipping arrangements are with a committed and experienced partner, Authorities throughout the EU and UK will become more and more vigilant thoroughly checking, permissions, papers and approvals before allowing movement to proceed.

Customs clearances will be required for all goods being exported from or imported into the UK from Europe irrespective of the 'free trade deal', so you need to allow additional time to collect the information required to complete necessary paperwork.

ATA Carnets can be arranged for goods travelling to the European Community on a temporary basis. Operating office locations and opening hours relating to ATA Carnet processing at Dover and Folkestone (Eurotunnel) can currently be found here

ISPM 15 Under international rules, wooden packaging products used in moving goods between the EU and UK will now be required to meet ISPM 15 standards. They must conform to the latest legal regulations and requirements, those of which can be found here

CITES Under an international treaty the transportation of items containing animal and plant products from protected and endangered species is prohibited and requires them to be licenced. For further information and guidance you can visit the CITES website here 

We, as always are fully committed to supporting our clients and partners throughout the challenges ahead. Please contact a team member at any time for further assistance and advice on all Brexit matters.


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