Saudi Sculptures

The Arab League Summit 2018 was taking place at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran on the 14th & 15th of April. It was the Arab League’s 29th summit, and saw 22 Foreign ministers of the 22 countries attend. The venue was constructed by Saudi Aramco and opened in 2016.

  • CATEGORY: Arts, Live Events
  • CLIENT: Filmmaster MEA LLC
  • PROJECT NAME: Arab League Summit 2018
  • OPERATOR: Callum Knight - (Boston USA)
  • METHOD: Land 
  • SHIPMENT: 7.5 tonnes
  • CONTENTS: Sculptures


Saudi Aramco had the idea of using the stunning Stone Sculptures outside the main auditorium of the Arab League Summit. The sculptures would need to be specifically placed to ensure the delegates could see the art when sat in the Summit.


The designated area involved passing the 1.5 ton solid stone sculptures through a loading bay, over delicate flooring, and through a false roof. Finally, the sculptures needed to go through two glass doors, lifted through to the final resting place on top of wooden blocks.


The first sculpture weighed over 1.50 tons, and was made entirely from solid stone. Sound Moves worked tirelessly over 11 hours to load the sculptures onto the boom truck and transport them safely from the Corniche to the Aramco Centre - using only manual labour.

Hiring of Boom Truck – 1 no.
Hiring of Normal trucks – 3 nos.
Hiring of Labour – 16 nos.
Tarpaulin – 10 nos.
Plywood – 10 nos.
Khobar Corniche > The Aramco Centre

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